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Sky-Map - Aviation Moving Map

138 usd

Sky-Map is a Moving Map Navigation System for General Aviation. It has the following functionality: - Moving Map: Displays the actual position on digital aviation charts, like ICAO chart from DFS (Maps not included !) - Fast move and zoom of the map - Flightplanning: Flights can be planned direct on the map or using the waypoint database. - Routes can be saved, loaded or modified - Calculation of distances, flighttimes, wind influence, fuelconsumption - Automatic display of approach/airport charts (if AIP is installed) - Airspace warnings - "Direct to" function - "Nearest Airports" function - AIP Browser: displays of approach/airport charts as well as text information (if AIP is installed) - PCMet Browser: Quick access to weather information (additional costs for pc_met access apply) - Logbook function: automatic logging of Starttime/Position, Landingtime/Position und Flighttime - Infopanels (configurable) for Speed, Altitude, Distance, Time aso..
The software contains an worldwide basemap (not for navigation), additional charts from the Flight Planner/Sky-Map selection have to be installed. For purchasing of maps see